High Profile Multimedia is media production company specializing in small-scale electronic field production located in Traverse City, Michigan.

Video promotion is now the most cost-effective marketing choice compared to all other marketing alternatives because it promotes your brand, generates leads, increases your geographical reach, and improves the customer experience.  As on-line video consumption has increased more consumers and businesses are making purchasing decision on-line.   60% of website visitors watch video before reading text.

Types of videography* include: live event, coverage, business meetings, funerals and memorials, keynote presentations, product demonstrations, non-profit promotions, educational events, training videos, legal and real estate videos, award ceremonies, workshops, and Public Service Announcements.

How the video production process works:  Most small projects can be priced over the phone.  For all other video productions there is a pre-production meeting.  At that time your project's goals, budget limitations, final distribution format,  video equipment  requirements, lighting, sound, and location venue are discussed for just the right package for your event.  From this meeting a cost estimate will be generated for you and production dates confirmed. 

* We do not produce wedding or birthday videos.


Last Updated 06/27/2019
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