High Definition Audio and Video Recording

  Internet Product Promotion or Instruction, Vimeo, YouTube, TV, and Educational Productions
  Video and audio production and post-production
  Vimeo and YouTube video production and site maintainance
  DVD Blu-ray and non-media mastering (MPEG-1, MPG-2, MP4, AVI, MOV, RM and others)
  Video Format Conversion
  Multimedia DVD Blu-ray & CDs
  Professional DVD & CD design and authoring
  Static and movie image-based Blu-rays, DVDs & CDs
  Self-starting CD-ROMs
  Talking Books


Audio Components

  Digital sound recording (16 - 24 bit 44,000-192,000 Sample Rates)
  Sound editing (wav,wma, sfa, pca, mp3, mpg, rm, au, snd)
  Digital mastering CD
   Studio microphone voice over


Graphic Services

  Graphic artwork design (Adobe Photoshop)
  CD Cover Design and Printing
  Logo design
  Custom graphics (jpg, psd, pdd, bmp, eps, gif, pic,  pif, pcx, pdf, and tiff)
  Custom buttons
  Web link buttons
  Web banners
  Animated GIFs
  Image Scanning to graphic format
  Graphic and text file format conversion
  Text and advertising copy
  Forms and spreadsheets
  Document conversion (Acrobat, MS Word & Publisher, Excel, Word Perfect, Quattro Pro, Zip)